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How could one not signup for Google voice after watching the cool videos and reading about its features. However one should consider the his/her privacy.

As for me? I am still confused and trying to figure out if it is:

ONE number for life
A persistent phone tap.

What do you say?

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Omniture or Google Analytics? Which is better? Should one pay for the extensive fancy features of Omniture or simply go for a simple to use Google Analytics? …

There are many question like the one listed above that almost everyone asks when making the decision about selecting the web analytics tool. The answer to these questions differs from site to site depending upon size of site, the need of reporting and above all the budget.

Following is a high level comparison of  Omniture vs. Google



  • Omniture can be very expensive depending on the site traffic.

Google Analytics:

  • FREE for up to 5 million page views per month. There is no limit of page views per month for sites with active adwords account.



  • Data is real-time

Google Analytics:

  • Data availability varies and the lag time is anywhere from 1 to 24 hours. Google recommends looking and debugging analytics setup on site  if the lag time exceeds 24 hours. Per GA help – “Google Analytics generally updates your reports every 24 hours”



  • 15 years. Returning visitors are tracked better here due to the lifetime of cookie.

Google Analytics:

  • 30 days



  • NO Built-in Dash Board
  • Multiple dashboards per Report suite – Many dashboards can be created for different level of Omniture users and management
  • The dashboard reports can be viewed for different timeframes by simply changing the date/date range in the calendar.

Google Analytics:

  • Built-in Dashboard for Reports
  • One dashboard per site/ report account.
  • The dashboard reports can be viewed for different timeframes by simply changing the date/date-range in the calendar
  • All reports in the dashboard can also be compared to the same time interval in the past.
    For example: A time interval of last 10 days can be compared to the stats of the previous 10 days from the selected interval. Read the rest of this entry »

CWE/SANS institute, in collaboration with MITRE and other organizations, has compiled a list of top 25 most crucial programming errors.  These errors are often easy to find but are very dangerous can cause serious software vulnerabilities and cyber attacks.  Following are top 10 from the list.

  1. Cross-site Scripting.
  2. SQL Injection.
  3. Classic Buffer Overflow.
  4. Cross-site Request Forgery.
  5. Improper Access Control.
  6. Reliance on Untrusted Security Decision.
  7. Path Traversal.
  8. Unrestricted Upload of a Dangerous File Type.
  9. OS Command Injection.
  10. Sensitive Data not Encrypted.

What is new with the release that now government and businesses are agreeing to work on a contract that could hold vendor liable for security loop holes.

(Note: you can get the complete list of these errors from

If you are a facebook user then please be aware of a Malware attack. Facebook users are receiving emails from their friends, referring a site “BINSSERVICESONLINE(space)(dot)INFO”.

This is a malware site and visiting the site will simply infact your computer/mobile device. It seems as if it is spreading through Facebook mobile. Therefore all iPhone and smartphone users should take preventive/corrective measures if they have already visited the site( beside changing the Facebook password).

Here is an example of email you could recive

John wanted me to pass this on to you BINSSERVICESONLINE(space)(dot)INFO

here is another one

Kate mentioned you might be interested in this BINSSERVICESONLINE(space)(dot)INFO

NOTE: I have removed the ” ” space and “.” dot to make sure that this post does not become a source of spreading the infection.

If you use Hotmail or MSN email account then beware of the hijack email that is circulating these days. The email is received from someone in your Hotmail/MSN contact list with variations of content like this:


Howdyy? had a damn boring day today :s
whats up at your place?
Anyway, i can bet you’re going to smile after reading this… 🙂

It’s Easy, Secure and Free!

Try it Now, Click Here

The link actually takes you to a login page that appears to be Hotmail/ MSN login page and prompts for your credentials (to hijack your account).  After the account is hijacked , similar emails are sent through your email address to all the contacts in your address book.

If you are already a victim of any such hijack , please change your password and security question immediately and notify all your contacts about it.

The bottom line is ” Never enter your credentials to any untrusted site and always take a look at the URL”

It is true that we are too much dependent on Google not only for our day-to-day search but for other online activities as well. However, I try to use other search engines from time to time.  In an attempt to deviate from the norm , I tried yesterday and found a really cool feature that is recently added.

Ask has now added deals to the search result.

Search on bring coupons and deals related to the search term and also sorted by your location. Well now you must be thinking that this is not something new and there are a ton of sites that list deals and coupons.

So what is so different about

While other money saving sites usually get the information from the companies/stores directly via web-service.’s crawler actively crawls the web in-search for coupons and new deals. It also integrate the coupon into the page as a regular search result.

ask deal feature

Ask has added this feature to their site after determining that “coupon” was the sixth most searched term in 2008 on This is not only a perfect example of making the best out of web analytics but is also just in time for Black Friday and holidays.

Happy Shopping!

NASA is set to drop rocket on the moon at 7:31 AM EST on Oct 9,2009.  LCROSS probe will crash four minutes later on the lunar soil and relay data to the earth.

The purpose of this crash is to find water vapor in moon dust.  The impact will be so huge that debris plumes can be seen by mid sized backyard telescope.

Please note that prior tests have indicated that there are traces of water and this one is to get a definite answer about how much water is present.

The whole crash can be seen live on NASA TV.

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